Cottage charm

Cottage charm

Mere words cannot describe the darling, detailed, diminutive cottage gardens sprawling from coast to coast on Nantucket.

From trellised Town to sensational seaside Sconset, every single garden defies description:

overflowering with gorgeous Garden Roses…

Climbing Roses covering rooftops…

Heavenly Hydrangea bigger than your head…

Adorable arbors covered in bright summer blooms…




Urns of Wonder

Urns of Wonder

Robin always plants the most delicious urns – the entire island talks about them.

Years ago someone said "she’s so talented, I think she has chlorophyl running through her veins".

I quite agree.

Bravo Trillium – another simply decadent display this summer.

Trillium Time

Trillium Time

Have you EVER seen such an enchanting shop?

Or such a lush, lovely garden path in front an adorable, tiny, charming boutique?

Welcome to Trillium, owned by the fantastic and uber trend talented Robin Bergland.

Tag Treasures


Tag Sales on Nantucket should be sampled, bottled and studied.

There is such a science to it: a methodical, mapping, magnificent process – that I simply love every single second.

The linens above, as shown from my overflowing armload just a few days ago, are simply such a serious treasure.  I cannot stop talking about them.

My constant “by the way – did you see those wonderful washed linen cloths I snatched up?” now has all the neighbors talking.  Tonight at the Tuesday night cocktail party, Kay said “I couldn’t even SLEEP over those linens – I had to rush in the next morning and see if there were ANY left!”

They are going to be so divine in our window, on trend tables at the shop, for our big DIY Wedding Workshop event on Sunday, July 10th, and so much more.



The Rafael Osana Tag Sale is always tops on my list.

I usually ship home to Chicago roughly 2 – 4 oversize boxes, filled with the loveliest nautical treasures you have ever seen.

Made all the more special as they were found in the mad frenzy of the Tag Sale Early Bird 8 am doors open…

as I move quickly scanning the warehouse for eye catching treasures, with my red Sharpie in hand to write SOLD on tags so I can move throughout the space, with both hands free to inspect.



From handpainted desks, to glossy ceramic riding boots (how gorgeous would those be with a huge display of White Hybrid Delphinium inside?)…



To the most beautiful hand painted toile scalloped ceramic vases, or petite pink tufted loveseats…



This pair of paisley Slipper chairs were ready to go for my dining table…if only Chicago weren’t so darn far west from the island.

Not to mention the game table, and the uber cool acrylic canes for the foyer umbrella stand display.



I immediately snatched up every single gilded iron picture frame.

Thankfully Rafael had handed me a large, empty box upon entry.

Won’t these be fabulous for table numbers, photographs, guest table instructions, and so much more?  Look for these July 10th at our DIY Wedding Workshop as well.



Next stop – the highly anticipated Janis Aldridge Treasure Hunt.  Love the name, don’t you?  Who in the WORLD is going to pass that up?



Janis has the most elegant and timeless shop on Washington Street, specializing in 17th – 21st Century furniture, antiques, engravings, decorative accessories and art.

It was all I could do not to scoop up every single English Ginger Beer bottle – collected from her travels abroad.  Wouldn’t those make a stunning autumnal display, with a hemp grainsack linen, jewel tone orange and apricot lush floral, and amber glass votives?



And lampshades only found across the Atlantic, in England and France.

They are beyond beautiful.

I bought three – come on in and look for them on Katie’s desk at the shop in a few weeks, once the boxes begin to arrive.



You could spend days perusing her art collection – as each piece is more intricate and uniquely, artfully framed in a one of a kind custom design.




I am totally obsessed with this seashell topiary…perfect for the summer foyer table.



And just look at these beauties Mom helped me score, saying – “what a perfect holiday window display.”

As always, she is always on trend, one step ahead, and ALWAYS the bloodhound finding the most incredible design and decor details among the stacks and shelves.

Mark my words, these will appear in the next Martha Stewart Magazine.  What my mom discovers and gifts one month, is all over editorial niche magazines the next.



Look at our happy Jeep – tagging around town – having a ball right along with us.

And yes, you guessed it, we had to leave room for the two darlings to sit back there among the new found treasures as well.



These are going to be too fun in the window come November, no?

They are vintage, 1950s Skotch Koolers, and I just cannot get enough of them.

Second favorite score, next to the sherbet soft as silk linens.



Of course, obviously, my tastemaker mother had matching Clans and Tartans of Scotland reference books, so I could further my Scotch plaid education.



What do you think…is the Skotch Kooler plaid a match to the Cameron tartan?



No, perhaps the Cunningham tartan?




Possibly closer to the Brodie?



Wallace it is.

May your summer Tag Sales bring as much happiness and inspiration to your own personal events, celebrations, design and decor.

Picks for Picnics

Picks for Picnics

Packing a picnic for the beach.

Tonight promises to be a stunning sunset.


What to choose from the market to accompany our charcuterie board?

Lavender Honey would be delish atop the Comte cheese wedge.

Peach Ginger sounds perfect atop mom’s grilled chicken crostini.

Bonnie’s Jams need to join our shelf stock at the shop, don’t you think?

Beachy Buckets

Beachy Buckets

Fun shop windows filled with sunshine and summer chic designs abound up and down the streets of Nantucket town.

I love these glass buckets, which bring the beach indoors to the tabletop when filled with sand and shiny seashells.

We often use the same buckets or glass cylinders, filled with a bit of fine grain sand for a base, and top with a pillar candle, then surround with small seashells.

Another variation?

Fill halfway with seashells, then water to an inch from the top. Add a floating candle, for a shimmering, sparkling centerpiece.

Want to turn up the decor volume? Line a collection down a long table, or cluster in the center of a round table, and add detail with small piles of sand around and between vases.

Top with scattered shells to create an elegant, classic seaside centerpiece.

The best news?

You can pack it all up when summer season winds down, and store it year round.

Then…twelve months later, rewind, pull out, repeat and enjoy again next June.

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