Cutting Cake

Cutting Cake

This is always one of my favorite moments at every single wedding – and I just love the romantic history of the tradition.

Did you know, back in the Roman Empire day, the custom was to break the wedding cake directly over the bride’s head?

As cakes evolved from simple loaves of barley breads to couture designer chic, this of course became impossible.

Traditionally the cake cutting was performed by the bride only – for her to share directly with her guests. Bites of cake symbolized fertility, and guests in Roman times would scramble even for broken crumbs.

Early cakes were very simple plum cakes, baked in a shallow, single layer.

The multi-tiered cakes most popular today were once reserved for English royalty – which brings us back to Ariel and Paul.

Don’t they look so darling together, with their perfectly coifed cake?

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