Charred Oysters

Charred Oysters

Ok, these were the hands down hit of the night.

Charbroiled Oysters, grilled over a crackling fire, are a smokey, complex taste of heaven.

The Tarragon Butter drizzle ontop adds the perfect lingering taste on the tongue.

Paired with delicious Deviled Eggs spiced with mustard, and House made Pickles with Dill and Habanero, the "to Taste" menu is a three for three trifecta.

Western White Beans

Western White Beans

I had so many favorite courses – but this one was a standout.

White Bean Hummus, roasted Pepperdaw Peppers, Herbed Oil Infusion with Grilled Sourdough and homemade Crackers.

We licked the tin camping plate clean.



Chef Jupiter is my new best friend.

As is Sterling our server extraordinaire, darling owner Mark, and everyone on their crack restaurant team of experts.

And this dozen oysters.

Fronteir’s Oyster Menu is chalkboarded every day – and just as tasty as they are in all my favorite coastal towns.

Appearing tonight from British Columbia:

Phanytm Creek, Cortes Island

Little Wing, Okeover Inlet

Royal Miyagi, Sushine Coast

Pacific Rim, Vancouver Island

Looking for someone more local?

Naked Cowboy, Long Island, NY

(Who names these oysters anyway?)

East Beach Blondes, Ninigret Pond, RI

(Winner best name, don’t you think?)

And seven more from PEI to Washington State.

That makes thirteen to choose from, if you aren’t keeping track.

Served fresh with Horseradish, Lemons, spicy House Cocktail and Jup’s Hot Sauce, our party slid these down faster than we could pop our Prosecco.

Cutting Board Corner

Cutting Board Corner

At Frontier – so much is fabulous.

The warm, western retro decor.

The chandelier centric lighting.

The floor to ceiling windows and natural light.

The open kitchen, with the coolest chef’s tasting table on display front and center.

The gorgeous second floor lounge for private parties – where I get to play on May 11th for our amazing tumbleweed chic florals.

And my FAVORITE – charming Chef Jupiter’s towering corner collection of wooden cutting boards in every possible shape, size, and style.

When I was told everything comes out of the kitchen on a board I made a reservation for 4 for dinner the same night.

Frontier's Fab Foodies

Frontier's Fab Foodies

West Town’s got a whole lotta game.

And farm fresh oysters.

And a Mionetteo prosecco that pairs to their gastro tasting menu perfectly.

And provisions from The Butcher and Larder just a few doors down.

Run, don’t walk. The line is forming….

Scent-sational Lobby

Scent-sational Lobby

Don’t you just love a hotel lobby loaded with gorgeous details?

The Taj Campton Place had me at the bright, modern floral displays ontop every single tabletop from front to back door.

These fluffy, romantic, fabulous double Ranunculus in the softest apricot are absolutely delicious.

Perfectly designed in a tight pavee, with a submerged Ti Leaf, they are just pretty enough to keep me loafing, lounging and lollygagging in this charming lobby.

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