A truffle truffle Taste of Whimsy

When I dream at night…

This is my dream.

A giant, towering, tiered truffle cake designed to turn heads and invoke a good swooning.

Glossorial Note:  swoon, swooned, swoon·ing, swoons.

1. To faint.

2. To be overwhelmed by ecstatic joy.

n. 1. A fainting spell; syncope.

See Synonyms at blackout.

It’s time to e-swoon.

Pull up a chair, a stool, a rug.

Sit a spell, and indulge in a zero calorie chocolate fantasy fest.

We need to share the tasty, tantalizing, teeny tiny treat filled Woodlands Romance themed Petite Sweets Bar that Nicole and her talented truffle truffle team designed for our Pre Wedding Party at Bloomingdales a few weeks ago.

Everyone, and I do mean every single bride, groom, maid of honour,  mother of the bride and more in attendance, left talking about this table.

I didn’t mind…because that’s how amazing Nicole, Lindsay and Stephanie are.

They can steal all the thunder.

I am happy to let them shine.

Nicole kindly shared her inspiration for the Woodlands Romance wedding trend with us:

“Immediately when I thought of the Woodland Romance theme, I knew I wanted to go in a rustic direction with the treats.

Instead of doing really refined looking items with a lot of detail work, I decided to to make things that, while delicious, would be a bit more understated.

Come on, once I saw those kumquats, there was no stopping me!

When those little guys are in season, I  try to use them as much as possible.

Such amazing flavor, and I absolutely love how a candied cross-section of kumquat looks. Gorgeous!”

“I envisioned a beautiful wedding in a gorgeous old barn with exposed beams and glass  chandeliers (I love that juxtaposition of formal elegance with natural elements!)  and I designed a menu that I thought would be perfect for a dessert table at that wedding.”

“And finally, those little details like the frosted sugar leaves… Well I have to admit, that was the idea of our brilliant designers, Lindsay and Stephanie.

We love the idea of adding an interactive element to our dessert tables, so we try to think of ways to  combines the food with the design element so that they are inextricably linked.

The guests really seemed to delight in removing the delicate cookie leaves from the lighted tree branches to indulge,  and we always love to evoke that kind of whimsy.”

“And finally, the dark chocolate crema spread on sourdough toast with EVO and fleur de sel seemed like the perfect match for the occasion —  the very refined and rich chocolate element  paired with a seemingly familiar,  commonplace thing, like a slice of bread, and the combination elevates both to new heights!”

Well played Nicole and team.

I sold those crema toasts all night long.  Delish.

Personally, I ate a dozen EASY as my grab and go dinner that night.

And, truth be told, I wrapped another few up, and they tasted EVEN BETTER driving home.

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