Pump and Circumstance

Pump and Circumstance

I have done so many vintage glamour events in the legandary Pump Room, I couldn’t even count them all.

What I have always loved about this room is how instantly you were transported back in time – to the classic 1940s. I never wanted the nights to end.

It was the most regal sapphire blue and gold decor – and dictated every event color palette from paper to floral to favors – with a rich, elegant, vibrant jewel tone combination.

Located in Chicago’s Gold Coast, among turn of the century brownstones and greystones, and just up the street from Hef’s original Playboy Mansion, it is Chicago’s iconic old Hollywood.

Marilyn Monroe. The Rat Pack. My hometown alum John Belushi.

When ‘ol blue eyes himself was en route, legend goes, he would call and ask how many guests were seated at "his" table. He would promptly pay their entire tab and they would be moved over..so Mr. Sinatra’s booth was ready and waiting. He had the most amazing heavy gold damask drapes installed to close discreetly around his table for privacy.

Now the Pump Room has celebrated its last fete – and everything – and I do mean EVERYTHING is for sale.

Frank’s booth above? Pricetag 4,500.

Oriental ceramic lamps, designed by Chicago artist Frederick Cooper? Pricetags start at 55.

Those famous open back blue leather barstools? 250 each. Quite the deal.

Oil painting, circa mid 1800s of Countess of Faversham? Sold through sealed bid auction…rats.

I have done many weddings and dinners in this gorgeous room, and always sat the bride/groom or VIPs at coveted Booth 1, designed with its own international phone number and fabulous old fashioned phone from 1938, when the restaurant first opened.
It is with a heavy heart we say goodbye to one of our city’s finest.

Farewell, dear Pump.

Debi Lilly, aperfectevent.com

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