Pre-Wedding Party Pretty

And the countdown begins…

You simply must, MUST, M-U-S-T stop by and see us for a cocktail and some sensational (errrr – scent-sational?) spring inspiration on Tuesday, March 2nd at Bloomingdales.

First of all, how DARLING is this invitation concept?  Love.

Makes you want to pop right over and see every decadent detail, doesn’t it?  So please do.

We are going to create the wedding party vignettes of your dreams…so tell us please: what do you want to see come alive before your very eyes at the party?

What color palettes, tabletop trends, pre-wedding party themes, seasons, and more do you want us to design for you that evening?

We can’t wait to hear from you.  We stand ready to jump with your every whim, wedding vision, or romantic notion – so send them on in.

Not to mention…

the cocktails!

the food!

the cupcakes and sweet treats!

the Bridal Registry at Bloomies!

See you soon…

-Debi Lilly

Joint is Jumping

Joint is Jumping

At Taco Joint, everything is served tasting style. I just love that.

Its simple mathmatics – who wouldn’t prefer to taste ten specialties – instead of two or three?

Case in point – there are nine tacos to choose from. All feature a selection of braised and grilled meats, homemade salsas and hand made tortillas.

These tacos shown were simply beyond our comprehension. We ordered another round upon savoring our last bites.

The Carnitas are the only Duck Tacos in the city…albeit not for long we suppose. The crispy duck confit is garnished simpkly with cilantro, onion and ancho chile salsa with a side of lime wedge.

Below, the Al Pastor are marinated grilled chicken with Serrano pineapple pico and tangy tomatillo salsa.

To die.

Que Bueno!

-Debi Lilly

Debi Lilly,

Romancing the Tacos

Romancing the Tacos

Tonight we celebrate love, life and regional Mexican street fare family style.

Taco Joint Urban Taqueria has been calling us…Zagat sealed the deal with their Buzz Chicago eblast last week.

We anxious to pop in and sip and see, as were devoted to dearly departed Minnie’s, slider sanctuary extraordinaire on Halsted and Armitage, where Taco Bar now stands.

Oh joy – they kept the late night walk up window.

And the long bar for belly up semi-late night nosh.

Thankfully our rowdy family of four with fingerboards, score cards, art projects and more didn’t scare away any cozy couples…its perfecly noisy and dimly lit – my favorite pairing for dining with kids.

The menu is divine, the cantina chic decor fabulous, the service with a smile.
Our grapefruit magaritas were delish – served on the rocks with chile piquin rims.

Even better the Citrus Cazuela – like a citrus spritzer served in a traditional terra cotta bowl.

All told there are ten delightful specialty drinks that make it almost impossible to choose from.

Shown here – today’s Especial Guacamole – with fire roasted corn, chihuahua cheese and roasted poblano. The chips include: corn, sweet plantain and malanga and are just simply amazing.

Four more courses to come…


-Debi Lilly

Debi Lilly,

Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Does anyone else remember LIVING for Valentine’s Day back to grade school?

Always the party planner, I counted down to the Valentine Party like there was no tomorrow.

I loved making our Valentine mailboxes every year out of shoe boxes, wrapped in blue construction paper with US MAIL carefully drawn in back crayon on the front. It was a true replica of the one on the corner, outside the classroom window.

I would work tirelessly handmaking my Valentine’s with my mom – who would sit with my and show me how to layer red and white heart doilies in every size ontop eachother with Elmer’s Glue.

She is the ultimate handmade hostess – and when we had made one for each student, and handwritten to and from carefully ontop, she would gently help me glue a red foil wrapped chocolate heart smack dab in the center.

My heart practically jumped out of my chest walking to school each Valentine’s Day. I was so proud of the handmade treats Mom and I made together – little by little each day – working side by side to create something thoughtful, personal, and from the heart.

I loved the tradition she created, for us to share together once a year, cozied up inside around the dining room table.

The last few weeks my kids and I have been creating, crafting, handwriting each classmate name ontop cards and candies. It leaves me speechless to witness the circle of life, as I am now sharing her childhood traditions with a new generation of children and family.

This morning my kids were bouncing out of their beds – springing to the kitchen to pack Valentines in backpacks – wrapping up cupcakes to share with their classes – decorating special lunchbags for their teacher treats.

All day long I thought of their happy faces and eyes lit up and ready to run all the way down the block to school.

I was beyond excited – like a kid all over again – for them to come home and pour their Valentines all over the table.

And here they are – straight from first grade fingers – that worked and cut and drew and pasted and toiled to make self portraits, layered hearts, drawings, pencil toppers, and more.

Its a small reminder of how everything that we do – no large or small – comes back full circle into our lives again – even if takes until the next generation.

Better run – folding paper airplane Valentines await.

-Debi Lilly
Debi Lilly,

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