Crosby Cool

Crosby Cool

Crosby Street Hotel.

Oh how I love thee.

Kit Kemp’s contemporary cool decor is a fresh, fun take on hotels.

The Crosby Bar is too inviting – we couldn’t pry ourselves out of our upholstered armchair seats. The "classic" cocktails brought to our table included Moscow Mules and Dark and Stormys, garnished with skewared citrus and candied ginger, paired with a petite bowl of tasty herb roasted walnuts.

But it was the ultra warm and wonderful Drawing Room and private leafy Sculpture Garden – albeit covered in snowbanks – that left us wanting much more.

More – like Screening Room and Film Club? A 99 seat state of the art theater with 3D technology and a Sunday Night Film Dinner Club?

Or the lobby, shown here, with striking original artwork, keeping stride with the likes of MOMA?

Or the constant canines – shown as 3D sculpture from front door to drawing room door – and stunning artwork and wall decor on every floor – elevators too.
Never leaving your hotel has never looked this good.

-Debi Lilly

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