Terrific Tabletop Terror

ABC Morning News segments are always so much fun…even with a 3 am wake up call.

Here is a behind the scenes peek at our Haunted Halloween Table of Terror and Treats.

A collection of themed luminaria are displayed ontop a table covered in hay, strewn with jack o littles in all shapes and sizes, and black onyx footed urns and candlesticks.  To create the “luminaria” simply print halloween images onto paper on your printer, then wrap around glass cylinder vases (or water glasses in varied heights).  Use double sided tape to secure, then add a touch of whimsy with ribbon accents at the top and bottom of each vase, finished with simple square knot.  Fill each with a pillar candle, for a chilling effect as shadows dance and flicker across the room.

Dress up bottles and spirits with custom designed “poison” labels, adding a toxic theme to the bar.  You can create these yourself by printing onto paper, or download designs from sites online if so inclined.  I love to display my bar bottles as a collection ontop trays – for a chic look.

Black licorice straws make the perfect drink garnish – with top and bottom snipped for super easy sipping.  Add spider web accents by printing webby graphics on cardstock, and then cut into 1″ squares.  With an exacto knife, make a slit near the top and near the bottom of each square, and slide the licorice straw through each slit to the “back”, so the web is visible from the front.

Moving on to the boo-tiful buffet…

Mouthwatering Monster Mini Pizzas are fun for the entire family.  Who doesn’t love to cut teeny tiny provolone pumpkins, spooky stars, and ghoulish ghosts for themed toppings?  Simply roll fresh pizza dough out flat, cut with a pizza roller into 4×6″ rectangles, top with pizza sauce, veg, and the cut cheese shapes.  Bake until golden, hopefully just before the cheese begins to melt and lose its cut out shape.

And who can possibly resist tantalizing mummy muffins – another fabulous favorite for all ages.  Slice whole wheat english muffins in half, spoon generously with pizza sauce, tear apart string cheese into long “bandages”, and lay across the pizza.  Make sure to leave space for the evil eyes.  Slice green olives stuffed with pimento into eyeballs, and place inside the cheese where you left space.  Bake till cheese begins to bubble and brown.

Make sure to leave room for creepy crabcakes…slicing orange pepper crab legs, which by the way naturally exhibit prickly, shiny crab leg tendencies, lucky for us.  Once crabcakes are golden brown from the oven, place onto a serving platter, then insert a pair of legs into each side of the cake.

And what fall fest would be complete without a slider bar?  Using another cute cookie cutter, slices of cheese instantly become monterey jack-o-lanterns.  Use petite dinner rolls from the bakery instead of traditional size buns, and off you go.  Toppings in bowls can include seasonal flavors like spicy corn relish, herbed hot and sweet mustards, fall chutneys, and more.

The dessert tower of terror saves the best for last – featuring More Cupcake halloween “flights”, Boo and Spiderweb Cupcakes, Licorice Shots, and take home favors filled with gumdrop pumpkins, spice drops, gummy worms, gummy brains, and pretty much every possible halloween gummy treat.

Do you prefer a trick, or atreat?  No matter which – happy halloween!

Debi Lilly, aperfectevent.com

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