S'more Devilish Decor

I love to create a kid’s halloween party centered around a great big dining table, adorned with a collection of zany, interactive, pull-apart centerpieces that they can tear into and enjoy during the party.  You can find so many ready to go decorative elements right in the grocery aisles – place them in glass collections – add a whimsical name printed on cute labels – and poof – you’re done.

Twilight was again carried through in several decorative elements on the table.  The kids loved helping me at the grocery, looking for foods and candies we could spin in a whole new way for the party.  Those six and eight year olds are simply full of crazy, clever, creative ideas.

Squash were made squeamish with a sharpie pen mustache.  Spider rings, centipedes and cock-a-roaches…oh my!

Wheatgrass flats found in the produce aisle quickly convert to graveyards filled with bones a la skeleton pops.  Long, twisted “witch hands” are designed in a flash grouping five Lombarbo Pepperoncini “fingers” placed in a juice glass, with ring accents.

Nothing tastes more terrifying than Slug Bugs…a k a Dry Roasted Edamame.  Ghostly green apples are spotted with spooky dappled shadows, picked ripe from trees with stems and leaves still intact, right from the in-laws Peoria garden.

At each place setting at the table, I set the craft supplies needed for each child to assemble the four creepy crafts.  Always pre-make at least one sample of each craft before guests arrive, so the kids can follow along with the finished craft as a reference point in front of them.

Mummy cups were our first order of business, so kids could quickly hit the Bevs Bar for the trio of Twilight punches.  Simply take a styrofoam cup, wrap it with white crepe paper adhered with a glue stick, and adorn with googly eyes.

Next up, ghost and vampire lollies.  Each requires a Tootsie Pop, a white paper napkin “ghost”, a red paper napkin, half of a black paper napkin for the vampire cape, scotch tape, and a sharpie and/or googly eyes for making faces.

To create the ghost lollie, unfold the napkin so it is flat.  Place the lollipop in the center of the napkin, and twist the napkin ends underneath the round lollipop, to create the flowing ghostly “body”.  With tape, quickly twist the  long ends of the napkin so the tape can create a tight, slip proof neckline.  Add in facial features, with a pen or googly eyes and you are done.  These make great Halloween homemade gifts for trick or treaters to boot.

Now, you can’t make all of these tricky treats without some kind of haunted favor bag to carry them safely home.  This brown paper lunch bag was adorned with construction paper windows (including an Amityville Horror arched window of course) and next got black bats, white ghosts, and more.

Now, the real fun begins after food fun, after creepy crafts, after spooky s’morin.

The kids love to end the night, as requested on the invitation: BYOF ‘n GS.

Translation – bring your own flashlight and ghost stories.

We sit all around the fire, each child reads favorite terrifying tales, and my husband quietly, secretly sneaks next door.  He starts scratching the wooden fence with sticks, howling, and making spooky sounds.  The kids look at each other with wide eyes – unsure if it is city “noise”, or a neighbor’s dog, or what exactly…

Their faces – the entire evening – simply glow with delight.

And you know what?  So does mine.

Debi Lilly, aperfectevent.com

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