Pot Luck Party Picadillo

Pot Luck Party Picadillo

Big Halloween block party today – one of my favorite days of the year.

The neighborhood pulls out all the stops with the pot luck treats. Last year I made a warm weather classic with sloppy joe sliders. Since my neighbor has the corner on the worlds best pulled pork sliders (her secret – ginger ale) I thought this year I would spin another favorite party food – Picadillo.

I worked for a two french caterers in college, and years later I still pull all their party favorites out of my recipe rolodex. This one is not only easy – ground beef, black olives, tomatoes and spices, but it is relatively unknown in the party buffet food world.

Everyone loves to try something new and different – and noone is scared to dip a chip or two into a hot, bubbling, sweet scented hors’d. In addition to tasting just perfect – your entire house smells just as delicious.

Debi Lilly, aperfectevent.com

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