Charming Ceremony

Charming Ceremony

I have been so remiss in posting – many apologies.

I am on island here on Nantucket once again – insert big deep "ahhhhhh"/sigh of contentment here. I am knee deep in creeping, climbing Rosa Rugosa in all shades of pink, the air filled with pungent perfume at each and every turn.

Last week was a gorgeous birthday garden party a la South of France, and now I am hitting the cobblestones scouting ceremony and reception sites – tough job, I know.

This quiet corner seems perfect for the bride and groom – a green, grassy garden nook with an entrance perfect for a wedding party. The white arbor is of course, covered with roses and picturesque charm.

The stone steps create a fabulous focal point for the altar – and the grassy lawn has the perfect space for rows of crisp white garden chairs.

And best of all…a gilded golden church steeple rises up next to the garden – adding that romantic, finishing wedding detail to this sumptuous setting.

Debi Lilly,

Gorgeous Graduation

Remember the sneak peek of the inspiring Faith graduation icon?  Well, at last, the party was last weekend.  I couldn’t WAIT for the big day…

It was a garden party to remember, and the weather even cooperated (mostly) so we could enjoy the stunning lawn, views of the lake, pool, carriage house, veranda, and so much more.  It was just so beautiful.  Like a dream.

The crisp, summer linens, tables and chairs look perfect or a garden party, from Classic Party Rental. The gorgeous petite italian garden urns from our store are filled with colorful, happy hydrangea in vivid blue and purple.  The vintage absinthe fountain is from my favorite Chicago haunt for all things tabletop, Posh.

The drink flag straws, monogrammed with the graduation icon used on the invitation, napkins, cups, and more throughout the party, making each detail personal and thoughtful at every single turn.

Chilled beverages in beautiful copper tubs made for an inviting, warm setup on the bars.  Vintage bistro glasses from Posh and A Perfect Event.

I loved the mix of italian urns and containers and flower combinations throughout the event, so each centerpiece had it’s own personality and style.  These massed cymbidium orchids are always a favorite, with a hint of camelia for contrast.
All this lovely photography is darling Kent Do.  Thank you Kent for capturing all these delicious details.
More to come…
Debi Lilly,

J'adore Jeremy Lawson!

I couldn’t wait to share these mouthwatering wedding photographs from Nicole and Liam’s wedding a few weeks back.

I went on and on about the beautiful bride, and these shots capture the memories and the remarkable moments so perfectly.

Jeremy Lawson is one talented guy…as these clearly show in each and every shot.  I can’t decide what one I love most…how about you?

I love the city skyline as the third member of the wedding party…

And even more…I love the star of Chicago “the El” a la urban backdrop (complete with colorful protestors).

Ok, I lied.  This is my favorite.  Perfection.  Grit, grime and…GORGEOUS!

I am QUITE certain the El has never, ever, looked so chic.

I want to serve everything, from now on, on The Tasting Room‘s custom handmade charred planks.


Join me for a round of applause, please, for Jeremy Lawson.

Debi Lilly,

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