A Peek at Antiques

At the Antiques and Garden Show at Chicago Botanic Gardens, each and every dealer stall was simply breathtakingly beautiful.  This scandanavian carved wood settee, upholstered in soft, washed belgian sack cloth BELONGS in my living room.  With the pair of Louis armchairs, but of course.  Wrap em up.

I love stone garden urns overflowing with white coral collections:  brain coral, dead man’s finger, sunflower mushroom, and more.  It is the perfect spring and summer permanent centerpiece for dining or living room table decor, seaside celebrations, and any occasion under the sun.

The botanical collections – always hung in glorious displays of pairs or groupings on the wall – were closely followed in popularity by nautical collections.  The sea creatures, coral, fish, and shells were exquisite – as were the artfully designed handcut linen, gilded and french mat painted mats and oversize frames.

The layers of botanical details…the potted ferns in floor urns, on columns, on tables, on architectural elements, on the walls…it was one big garden party filled with dramatic decor from start to finish.

I love so many things about strolling a show.  I love researching what is on trend, I love all the inspiring new ideas (how clever – the vintage cameo frame turned necklace display?), I love the perfection of each visual display, I love it ALL!

I love massive collections and groupings of artwork.  Especially botanical art.  These hand painted mats are just as beautiful as the original artwork itself.

When I had soaked in every square inch of the Antique Show, it was time to conquer every step of the gorgeous gardens.  As you can see, colorful spring bulbs filled every nook and cranny of the flower beds to create a dazzling display.  It was like popping a happy pill.

Happy spring.


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