Buble away…

Last night, my dear friend Karen gave me the most wonderful gift. She took

me as her date to see our shared boyfriend, Michael Buble in concert.

Now, ever since I spent an afternoon and evening with him doing an Oprah

Show for “Oprah’s Block Party” several years ago,

http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/Oprahs-Block-Party_1/4#slide, I have been

beyond smitten.

He is the polish of Cary Grant meets 2010. I have met alot of fabulous

people in my life, but he takes the blue ribbon big time for charming,

debonair, polished, charismatic, hysterically funny…just to name a few.

He had to hide in the upstairs bathroom of the home we threw the surprise

party in, and I cleverly devised a plan to be hostess with the mostess,

making sure was well cocktailed, fed and tended to by yours truly. Not a

bad gig, eh?

Anyway, back to blogging on last night.

The stage, production, Michael himself, songlist, vocals, lighting, 13 piece

orchestra, theatrical humor, constant clever imitations, friendly chats with

13,000 fans, chummy banter, clever wit, and more was a complete feast for

the eyes, ears, and heart. It was perfection, and I wanted to share some

bits with you all as inspiration for your next party playlist – or in the

case of Adrienne and Scott’s Block Party on Oprah – a live performance.

First off, his opening number was pure Broadway – which I love and adore –

this doesn’t share the spectacular fireworks display on the last beat, but

the first minute with the shadowy rear projection was pure drama. Combined

with the pulsating drum the entire audience was silent.

Now, I am a huge Michael Jackson fan. I wouldn’t have guessed that a pretty

Canadian boy could ever, in my wildest dreams, sound and dance just like The

King himself. It was dumbfounding. You have to see this to believe it (and

it’s not a great video I am sorry – why oh why didn’t I bring mine. Never

leave home without it again, that’s for sure). I am also a huge Ferris

Beuller fan, being a Chicago girl and all, so this was icing on the cake.

This is another view, featuring the beyond fabulous Gene Kelly like dancing

inspired elongated video screens – which are surely making an appearance at

my next music theater event – they were so much fun to watch.

And because he is so darling rockin’ and swivelin’ those hips and pencil cut

suit legs – here is his Elvis

Last, I can’t end without expressing my total SHOCK and amazement with his

opening act, Naturally 7. How have I never heard of them before? They were

so much fun to watch and wonder about – I think they were as big a hit as

Buble himself.

When you hear them, it isn’t even possible to believe they are fully vocal –

there are NO MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. The drum beat was the one that had me in

total disbelief. They are so fantastic – I must plan an entire event around



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