Today…Thomas Paul

Today…Thomas Paul, originally uploaded by Debi Lilly of aperfectevent on flickr.

Melamine plate fetish part deux…

Thomas Paul plates have been my top gift item for years. The designs are so gorgeous – so fun – so elegant. They are as stunning grouped as a wall decor collection as they are set on a table. J’adore!

Their 2010 lines will arrive shortly at A Perfect Event, and all of our party and window vignettes in the store will be themed around their color palettes.

Shown here, at our house in Palm Springs is "Artifacts". Drawing inspiration from ancient times, the series features designs based on pottery, ceramics, textiles and tiles from the past. From Chinese vases and Grecian busts, to Turkish tiles and European damasks, these ancient motifs and patterns are reworked to modern day melamine.

Perfect for your next Roman feast!

This is one of four design series en route to Chicago…I will send shots of the others as they arrive.

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