Gift Show trendspotting

Gift Show trendspotting
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Today is one of my favorite days of the year…scouring The Gift Show for all the hot new trends, colorways, designs and gifts for our events, clients, and store. I need about a week to devour each showroom, but need to pack it into one long, efficient day. My first must have – antique button charms, monogrammed charms, and vintage pendants displayed on chic tabletop manniquins. J’adore!
These are the perfect favor or bridal party gift – hung from a vintage velvet ribbon or cord in the wedding colors. They would be so personal and elegant worn with a simply silhouette or flowy boho style bridesmaid gown down the aisle.
Place your orders now at A Perfect Event – as they are vintage, the in stock initials are limited quantities.

2010's feel good burger

2010’s feel good burger, originally uploaded by aperfectevent.

The Counter in Lakeview is my family’s weekend burger hot spot.
Why should you spend each weekend here too? Well…

The overhead glass garage doors that open onto Diversey Parkway fill the entire diner with dappled sunlight, which always elevates the mood in winter, spring…or any Chicago season.

The menu is retro fab – milkshakes of the month include the ever popular birthday cake (yellow cake, ice cream and sprinkles blended and poured into a huge fountain glass) and my favorite – the legendary Chicago Frango Mint.

Next – what’s not to love about starting with a heaping plate of hot, crispy fries? I smile each time the server says "would you like to start with a fry combo?". I ask you, does anyone ever decline such an obvious question?

We always go with a fry duo, tasting double the flavor, double the fun. The sweet potato fries are perfection, and always a favorite. Today we tasted the fries of the month, Parmesan Garlic as well. One word – divine.

Now, here comes the clincher. You order your burger (beef, turkey, veggie or special of the month – today is the crabcake burger, served with bacon slaw) on a bun (bun of the month is the pretzel roll), or on a green salad (you choose the greens). What a concept! All the taste, less carbilicious guilt.

The cheeses, toppings and sauces are listed on your teeny tiny clipboard, to be checked off with your teeny tiny pencil, a modern take on scantron forms from high school. Four dozen unique flavors and tastes are listed: from horseradish cheddar or herbed goat cheese, black bean corn salsa or apricot chutney, balsamic glaze or sesame ginger.

Today I was quite torn: crabcake burger du mais or burger salad ontop field greens with carmelized onions, feta spread, black bean salsa, carrot strings, tomato and balsamic glaze? I chose the salad, and let me tell you, I ordered well.

Bon appetit!

What is a picture worth?

This story on is really lovely…

The photos are each more captivating than the next.

I want to do my holiday card family photo all over…the slipcovered sofa set outside in the garden with the teeny tiny tutu?  How fun would that be for a bridal party photo shoot? 

And the kids laying on the floor showing their true personalities?  Again, I can't think of a more heartwarming photo composition for friends and family at an engagement party, birthday party, and more.

If you click on "it was a very good year" at the bottom right, you get to read the photographer's story behind each photo.  It is fascinating to read about the man rushing through Penn Station just as the light streamed through the windows.  Darling Jackie O would have been so grateful he saw the beaufy she helped restore and protect, even if he was consequently late for his meeting.

Here's to thousands of moments captured, and celebrated in 2010.

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