New Year's Eve Party – as seen on ABC News


Time to ring in the new year – and you can start your countdown now – because we have the all the hot new entertaining trends ready for you to share with your friends, family and more.

What better way to toast to 2010 than with a Champagne and Sweets Soiree?  The best part of this party theme is it works within any budget and you can throw it in any size home.  You can use your home, your furniture, and guests mix and mingle throughout the space off of intimate bars and stations set on your existing furniture.  How simple is that?

My favorite first impression of course is always the décor.  Being a floral designer as well I love innovative centerpieces that guests have never seen before…and this one does double duty.  Not only is it a stunning wintery centerpiece, showcasing the hot trend of organic branches, vintage crystal and wintery white massed florals.  It also works as an interactive “New Year’s Wish” tree.  Guests write their wish for the new year on this long silk ribbons, using a Sharpie permanent pen, and then tie them to the tree creating a gorgeous display of ribbons, crystals and candles.


Now onto the cocktails – tonight we feature the heavenly Champagne Bar.  This is the most important night of the year to toast with champagne – New Year’s is synonomous with bubbles. 


Guests love to try new things – so why not offer Prosecco – a very affordable sparkling Italian Wine?  These are both under $10 a bottle, and frankly just fantastic.

Rose is my personal favorite – it is a bit more special and tastes so light with a hint of fruit.  This is Preso! from Whole Foods, and is my go to for parties. 

It is always a great idea to feature more than one flavor – so we also have the traditional Prosecco.  This is from Trader Joe’s and is also delicious while affordable.

Finally, you always want to offer non alcoholic options.  These sparkling juices are perfect – they are just as fun and festive as the sparkling wine, yet in popular flavors for the season like Pomegranate and Apple Cider. 

Now, onto the mesmerizing menu.  I love to set a few stations around the space, so guests can graze and flow during the party. 

The first station features Savory Moresels from More Cupcakes – Bacon and Cheddar with homemade Bacon Brittle, Blue Cheese Walnut Basil, White Truffle, and more.  These taste like an hors d’ouevre, not a sweet treat.  Guests are still talking about them from parties last summer…they really become a conversation piece. 


The second station is so beautiful – you almost don’t want to eat!  Cacao (pronounced "cocoa") is my favorite bakery for amazing, old fashioned sweets – with a fun, new twist.  Everything is handmade from scratch using all natural and organic ingredients, and they even do gluten free.  They are in Chicago and sell on – so you can ship them anywhere in the entire country.  And I do, believe me!


This is a serious sugar fix feast:

Eggnog Candy Cane Brownies

Sophisticated S’mores with citrus infused marshmallow crèmes and peppermint

Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cookies

Red Velvet Cakelet Gingerbread Men dipped in dark chocolate Ganache

Cake Truffles –
Eggnog cake rolled and then drenched in white chocolate with a sprinkling of nutmeg.
Classic Triple Chocolate Cake Truffle spiked with a bit of peppermint then rolled in creamy chocolate then topped with crushed candy cane.
Gingerbread is converted into cake and then covered in chocolate topped with mini candy gingerbread men. Too cute!
Chocolate Covered Cherry: Cherry cake is lusciously covered in rich milk chocolate and topped with a couple of red sprinkles.
Pumpkin Pie: Creamy pumpkin pie cake coated in white chocolate and then topped with a but of pie spice. You'll swear it's the real thing!
Carrot Cake is spun in decadent white chocolate and topped with a few shreds of carrot.


Last but not least, for the final touch – the favors.  The new dessert trend is The Cookie Bar – with you favorite old fashioned cookies displayed in oversize jars, with personalize mini cookie jars for guests to take home with them as a parting gift.  This is perfect for all ages – and easy to do when you buy the cookies premade at a bakery, grocery, etc.


Cheers to 2010 – and to a whole new year of reasons to celebrate!

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