Sunset over Les Jardins a la Chateau Versailles

Tonight is one of my very favorite nights of the entire year…Les Grande Eaux Nocturne de Versailles. There are so many reasons this is the most magical night of the year..

First, you picnic at L’Orangerie at the top of the gardens as the sun sets, casting the chateau, fountains and entire Grand Canal in a warm orange glow.

Then, as you begin to stroll the gardens themselves you are greeted with millions of opalescent bubbles, creating a dense sea of laugher, surprise and delight (and these are the adult reactions!).

Each of the two dozen gardens are turned into fanastical vignettes – from turn of the century fountains and statuary swirling in green laser beams and rolling fog, to oversize battleships rising from the depths and then sinking in cannon fire, glowing tree branches leading the way down dark, mystical paths, and fire cannons sparking to the beat of a gorgeous symphony.

Each year when I attend, I feel transported back in time, to the Marie Antoinette world of french aristocracy. I walk along the paths of kings and queens that threw lavish, over the top fetes and parties centures ago…and here today, still do.

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