Bring meaning to your flowers…

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Roses are red, violets are blue…but whatever is the meaning true?


Valentine’s Day is this month – of course – and the age old question abounds:  What to give this holiday to your loved one, friends or family?   Dating back to the Victorian age and throughout history, flowers have been given to lovers and acquaintances as a token of their love and devotion.

Flowers, the favorite gift to give this holiday, and ever so lovely to receive, have specific meanings going back thousands of years.  (this holiday is the busiest of the entire year for florists, so call, email or come in to place your order early!)  Choose wisely, and thoughtfully, as the meaning of a flower that you give as a gift should:

         symbolize what you want the gift to say (thinking of you, I love you, luck)

         embrace the favorite colors or flowers of the your sweetheart

         celebrate the recipient’s favorite birth month (read more below)

         send your loving thoughts…of course!


AZALEA: Love, romance, first love, fragile passion, temperance. The Chinese symbol of womanhood.


DAHLIA: Instability.

DAISY: Innocence, loyal love, I’ll never tell, purity.

GARDENIA: You’re lovely, secret love, joy, sweet love, good luck.

HYDRANGEA: Thank you for understanding.

LILY: Majesty, wealth, pride, innocence, purity.

LILY, WHITE: Purity, modesty, virginity, majesty, it’s heavenly to be with you. The white lily is linked to Juno, the queen of the gods in Roman mythology, by the story that while nursing her son Hercules, some excess milk fell from the sky creating the group of stars we call the Milky Way, and lilies were created from what milk fell to the earth.

LILY, ORANGE: Flame, I burn for you.

LILY OF THE VALLEY: Return of happiness, purity of heart, sweetness, tears of the Virgin Mary, you’ve made my life complete, humility, happiness. The legend of the lily of the valley is that it sprang from Eve’s tears when she was kicked out of the Garden of Eden. It is also believed that this flower protects gardens from evil spirits. Also known as the flower of May.

ORCHID: Rare beauty, love, refinement, beautiful lady, Chinese symbol for many children, mature charm, beauty, long life.

PANSIES: Recipient is being thought about. The flower’s name comes from the French word pensée which means thought or remembrance.

PAPERWHITE: Aphrodisiac due to its intoxicating scent.

PEONY: Bashfulness, shame, happy life, happy marriage, good health, prosperity.

RANUNCULUS: You are radiant with charm, radiant charm.

ROSE: Love, passion, perfection. The rose was named for the Latin word


which means red. It has been a symbol of love since ancient times. Is also known as the birthflower of June.

ROSE, ORANGE: Fascination, display feeling of enthusiasm.

ROSE, PINK: Happiness, appreciation, admiration, friendship, sympathy.

ROSE, DARK PINK: Thankfulness.

ROSE, LIGHT PINK: Grace, gladness, joy, perfect happiness, please believe me, gratitude, admiration, gentility.

ROSE, RED: Love, passion, respect, courage, I love you, beauty, pure and lovely, prosperity.

ROSE, SINGLE, FULL BLOOM: I love you, I still love you, new love.

ROSE, WHITE: Innocence, purity, secrecy, I am worthy of you, silence, friendship, truth, virtue, girlhood, humility spiritual love, reverence, charm, happy love.

ROSES, YELLOW & ORANGE TOGETHER: Passionate thoughts.

SUNFLOWER: Follows the sun as it grows, adoration, haughtiness.

TULIP: Perfect lover, frame, flower emblem of



TULIP, RED: Believe me, declaration of love, fame.

TULIP, YELLOW: Hopeless love, there’s sunshine in your smile.

VIOLET: Modesty, faithfulness, innocence, understated beauty. Worn by the ancient Greeks to induce sleep and to calm tempers. Also known as the birthflower of February.

VIOLET, BLUE: Watchfulness, faithfulness, I’ll always be true.

VIOLET, PURPLE: Thoughts of you, love.

Wishing you and yours special meaning of love and kindness this Valentine’s Day…


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