Simple Steps to Spectacular – DIY Mother’s Day Floral Secrets

How to Turn Basic Grocery-Store Flowers into Stunning Professional Bouquets

Have you ever wished you had a green thumb that could transform ho-hum flowers into a fabulous and chic bouquet? It isn’t as hard as it sounds! Ditch those boring gifts and passé flower arrangements…  Large_white_flower

Remember, the key to any special gift is the personal touch. So why buy the predictable bunch of flowers? Be a little creative this Mothers Day and create a truly special Mothers Day bouquet!


Cello Wrapped French Bouquets – Every bouquet comes with cellophane wrapping, but this wrapping generally looks tired and bland! Transform your bouquet into a breathtaking masterpiece by layering cellophane around long stems of freshly-picked spring blooms. Think roses, hydrangea, or tulips! Or another really quick and easy presentation upgrade for the grocery store bouquet is to remove the cellophane and use wallpaper remnants or gift paper with coordinating tissue to wrap those blooms in high-end style.

Elegant Monofloral Collections –– The hottest new floral trend from Paris is monofloral arrangements! Pick your favorite bud in numerous colors. Arrange with an artistic, yet simple flair—and voila! You have a beautiful Parisian display!

Spring_display_pink_roses_pink Stylish Monocolor Arrangements – Another hot trend from Paris is monocolor arrangements. Choose your favorite color in a wide range of flower choices. Make sure all the flowers are as close in color as possible. Add a similar colored ribbon or pot and you have a breathtaking arrangement!

4-Tiered Bouquet – Choose four separate but similar grocery-store bouquets. Mix-and-match them until you come up with a chic and unique arrangement that is anything but bland! To create something special, hold each bunch by the stems with your hand just under the blossoms, cut all the stems off at once, approximately two inches under your hand. Repeat for all four bouquets. Then combine into one large bunch and tie with a ribbon by holding the bottom of the stems with your thumb and winding the ribbon up and around until reaches the blossoms fold the ribbon under and use a pearl headed pin or hat pin to fold it in place.         Table_display



Blossoming Hydrangea Plants – Buy four blossoming hydrangea plants at a discount garden center, pack all four into a decorative pot, cover the dirt with moss and wrap a bow around the stems so they appear as one thriving plant. For those not confident in creating complementary color selections, monochromatic is a chic fall-back. Purchase all the same color plants, matching the ribbon and the pot. Plants are a welcome respite from flowers—and they really bring the spring mood to life!

Green Eco-Friendly Flowers– A Lucite box filled with interesting and unusual flowers. Add a touch of wheatgrass for a true Green Queen. Complete the theme by adding natural and organic gifts—think organic teas, organic chocolates, or beautiGreen_lilies_and_candle_displauy ful recycled stationary. Green never looked so good!

Exotic Bulbs – An orchid plant is a welcome alternative to cut flowers. Remember after purchasing one of these exotic beauties, remove the plastic pot by re-potting into a simple terracotta container or an elegant, Asian porcelain. Remove all metal supports and replace them with twigs and raffia—gorgeous!

Remember, Mother’s Day is May 13. That gives you plenty of time to run out to the local grocery store and turn blah bouquets into fabulous works of art! Stand out from the crowd this holiday—be sure to have the most unique and chic arrangement of the bunch!

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