Effortless Easter Brunch…Welcome the Easter Bunny in style!

The Easter entertaining frenzy is just around the corner! Whether you are entertaining formally or informally, you want to be sure that your Easter brunch is just as classy and unique as you are! Forget the old Easter bunny cut-outs and Jell-o molds—here are easy tips that will help you have the most en vogue Easter brunch in town:

Centerpieces fit for spring:

Potted spring bulb collection: Nothing says spring like fresh, colorful flowers! Go down to your local Farmer’s Market or florist and purchase the latest array of potted spring bulb arrangements. Add a distinctive flair by decorating with a moss covering. Then, add an elegant ribbon treatment around the covered pots and add some more moss between the various pots for the finishing touch.

Hint: Take this floral arrangement to the next level by arranging an array of votive candles around the bulb collections. Add silk ribbons to the votives and light the candles for instant ambience. Fabulous!

Fresh painted egg display: Easter is all about eggs—but forget the pastel plastic eggs of yesteryear! Place a layer of fresh grass on top of a cake stand. Coordinate a collection of painted eggs on top of the grass. You can decorate them stylishly with an Easter Egg kit, or you can allow the kids to let their imaginations run wild! Either way, you will have a colorful, festive centerpiece that attracts the eye! And, for an additional, fresh finish, you can tuck an array of spring blooms in between the painted eggs.

Voila! These simple, easy tips will take your Easter centerpieces will take your from dull to delightful!

Fun and Festive Menu Ideas…To Prepare with the Kids:

Spice up your Easter party this year! Here are the latest new trends in entertaining to give your party that extra sparkle:

Easter Buffet: The buffet is the hot, new entertaining trend. Guests serve themselves, so the hostess doesn’t have to run herself ragged! (Sounds good, huh?)

Menu Ideas: Fruit parfaits, Egg soufflés, Croissants, Sausage/pepper/pineapple skewers…fresh new ideas that the kids will love to help prepare!

Creative Buffet Display: Remember, presentation is key! Using height in presentation is the new—and easy!—way to add extra glamour to your table. Use serving trays, single cake stands and tiered cake stands to make a visually interesting display.

Easter Fruit Flower Arrangement: Tired of the usual spring flower displays? Try a fruit flower arrangement—elegant and edible! For the perfect sweet finish, serve an arrangement of fruits displayed like a colorful festive centerpiece and finished with ‘bunnies’ on top. (Available from Fruit Flowers).

Perfection! Now sit back and smell the roses…spring has arrived!


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